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Deep cleaning, also known as "Make Ready" service for unoccupied homes require more detailed effort over the whole home as we make it ready for you, your tenant or a new home owner as you are moving out.

A Make Ready or Deep Cleaning service, like all of our services, comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

What is Included in a Deep Clean

All tasks performed during a can i buy tinidazole over the counter are included in a Deep Clean with the exception of beds (if the beds are not in the bedrooms).

Our cleaners use natural methods that are safe for your children and pets to clean the refrigerator and freezer, oven, all baseboards, and blinds. The inside and outside of your drawers and cabinets are also included in this service.

In addition to the general cleaning we also clean:

• Refrigerator
• Freezer
• Oven
• All Baseboards
• All Blinds
• Inside and Outside of Cabinets (Move In/Out)
• Garage cleaning (optional)

Before, During & After Party/Event Clean Up

Don't stress out with clean-up after you've had a great time entertaining!  Our professional cleaning crew can help you keep the good feelings going.  Let us take on the task of getting ready for and cleaning up after the big event!  Whether it is a simple get-together of friends, a birthday or other celebration or a fancy holiday event.  You can rely on Green Leaf Maid Services to do a great job while you relax and enjoy the memories.

Are you entertaining relatives or important persons from your business?  We are the key ingredient to help you impress your friends and family, and of course for your own peace of mind!  Your party will be seamless and stress free!

Once the party has ended and everyone has left the event, everything will be put in order and ready for the next morning.  You don't have to wake up to a mess, but instead you will sleep well knowing that Green Leaf Maid Services party clean-up service has restored your home back to its order.

What to expect:

  • A spotless kitchen
  • Dishes and glassware are washed and put away
  • Bathrooms are cleaned and put back together
  • Furniture place back to "pre-party" locations
  • Floors are cleaned
  • Trash is disposed of in proper containers
  • Portable tables and chairs are broken down
  • Rented goods such as tables, chairs, dishware and linens are returned to the rental store (optional)\

We are in demand, so please allow plenty of time to book our services before your event.  We look forward to serving you and keeping your event location clean before, during and after!


Window Cleaning

Leave those window cleaning tasks to the pros. Most home owners prefer not to get on ladders. Over time pollen, algae or mildew collects on the outside of your windows. Dust and dirt gather there also making your view to the outside blurry.

This is a job best left to the professionals at Green Leaf Maid Services. Our team is insured and trained to do these tasks for you at a reasonable cost.

Construction Debris Cleaning

After the new building construction or remodel has been completed Green Leaf Maid Services provides a detailed cleaning service to eliminate dust and debris from your home!

• All walls are cleaned
• All deep clean surfaces are cleaned