Color-Coded Cleaning: Promoting Healthy Cleaning Practices-Green Leaf Maid Services

Color-Coded Cleaning: Promoting Healthy Cleaning Practices

While it may seem most efficient to transport the cleaning tools that were just used from the restroom into the kitchen, taking the time to replace these cleaning tools is necessary to prevent cross-contamination of harmful bacteria and other pathogens. Color-coding has become a popular tactic in a number of industries in which cross-contamination is a[…]

Post-Construction & Renovation Cleaning Services-Green Leaf Maid Service

Post-Construction & Renovation Cleaning Services

Home construction or renovation projects can leave a big, unwanted chaos. Once the project is completed, it is only a homeowner’s dream to kick back and relax. However, it should be a primary focus to remove all of the dust that results from these projects before it sneaks its way into the air ducts. After[…]

Event Cleaning: Entertain Your Guests & Don’t Worry About the Mess

Whether it’s a football Sunday, a get together with friends or a special holiday event, it is important to have your home party-ready to ensure your guests are impressed. However, it can be stressful having to balance entertaining guests with maintaining a spotless home. Although getting a house spruced to standards is no small chore,[…]

Home Cleaning To Prepare For The Upcoming Holidays-Green Leaf Maid Service

Home Cleaning to Prepare for the Upcoming Holidays

Intensive home cleaning can be tackled at any time of the year. However, fall has officially arrived and as the holidays quickly approach, it can be overwhelming preparing your home for hosting parties and visiting guests. While planning to clean your home for the holidays, it is important to spruce up the main spaces, ensure[…]

Why You Need Help with Move In/Out Organization-Green Leaf Maid Services

Why You Need Help with Move In/Out Organization

Along with excitement, moving in or out of a home can always induce a large amount of stress. However, hiring a professional to assist with move in or out organization and cleaning can allow more time to focus on other related pieces of the process. When selling a home, first impressions are lasting impressions. Cluttered,[…]

What To Expect From Our House Cleaning Services-Green Leaf Maid Services

What to Expect from Our House Cleaning Services

At Green Leaf Maid Services, we schedule varying types of cleaning–including one-time cleanings or organizations, laundry services, recurring cleaning services, and more. We offer weekly, biweekly, and monthly cleaning packages suitable for every client’s needs and demands. Green Leaf Maid Services was the first cleaning service of Spring, Conroe, The Woodlands, and North Houston, to[…]

What to Look for in a Cleaning Service

We know you have options and we are grateful to you for visiting our website.  We hope to have the opportunity to earn your business. Before choosing a cleaning service for your home in the Spring, TX area please consider the following information: Maintaining a kept home can have you feeling like you are on[…]